Summer/Autumn 2020 sample menus

Packaged Picnics £24 each

Homemade pies
Dressed jam jar salads
Pudding pots
Choice of drinks

Order our tasty picnics for enjoying at your socially distanced corporate events or friends gatherings.

Delivered to your doorstep in brown paper bags with compostable disposables

Summmer 2020 sample Picnic menus

Traditional Cornish beef and swede pasty,
Massive pork and apple sausage roll
Asparagus and brie tart
Spanish chorizo and red pepper tortilla slab
Scotch free range egg
Peri-peri chicken and chargrilled vegetable skewer.
Jam Jar Salad:
Nicoise – potato, green bean, tomato, olive, red onion ,French dressing
Thai – noodles, red peppers, sugar snaps, sesame oil and soy dressing
Moroccan – cous-cous, chargrilled peppers and courgettes, harissa dressing
Red Slaw – red cabbage, carrot, red onion, red apple, mayonnaise and yogurt
Tabbouleh – bulgur, cucumber, tomato, spring onion, parsley, mint, lemon, olive oil

Pudding Pot:
Blueberry and amaretti pots
Pimm’s raspberry trifle
Deconstructed rocky road
Apple fool with ginger biscuit
Upside down fruit tarts
Lemon and elderflower cheesecake
A good quality can or bottle of fizzy lemonade or orange will be provided unless an alternative is preferred.

Served Buffet £34 each

Poached Salmon
Coronation chicken
Wholemeal asparagus and brie tart
A selection of salads, & pudding pots

Presented on platters on a clothed table and served by our staff behind a perspex screen.

Side of salmon, poached in bay and peppercorns with cucumber and lemon
Old fashioned Coronation chicken with apricots and almonds
Orange baked gammon studded with cloves
Rare roasted rump of beef
Wholemeal tart of asparagus and brie, courgette and stilton, roasted squash feta and sage or mushroom leek and gruyere
Select three salads:
Posh potato salad with capers, spring onions, chives, horseradish yoghurt
Chargrilled peppers, courgettes and vine tomato harissa couscous
Nicoise of potatoes, green beans, tomato, olives and French dressing
Red apple slaw with red cabbage, carrot and red onions
Garden salad of leaves, cucumber, cress, radishes, spring onions, tomatoes, fresh herbs

Delivered Dishes £29 each

Delicious hot meals
side dishes and pudding pots
delivered to your door.

Ready to heat and serve on our platters

Crockery, cutlery and glassware available for hire.

Beef rendang with chickpea and sultana rice, mango & coriander and red onion salsa
Lamb and date tagine with roasted vegetable harissa couscous, minted cucumber yoghurt
Chicken shawarma with bulgar wheat, lemon and parsley tabbouleh feta, black olive and tomatoes
Thai red prawn curry with sugar snaps, peppers and toasted sesame oil and soy noodles
Home Hog Roast, dauphinoise potatoes and red apple slaw
Chicken and chickpea curry with brown rice and coriander pilaff, spinach and fennel pakoras
Garlic and rosemary butterflied leg of lamb with salsa verde and mozzarella, tomato and basil salad
Spanish cocida of chorizo sausages, saffron, cumin, potatoes & beans with green salad
Lemon and paprika crusted cod with Lebanese rice and aubergine babaganoush

These are sample menus with other options available.

We provide catering within current government guidelines
Summmer 2020 sample Delivered Dinner menus